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    TG12X(TG12MX) Micro Hematocrit Centrifuge

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    • brand:???LuXiangyi
    • model :???TG12X(TG12MX)
    • Order Hotline :???+86-021-58116435
    Product introduction

    TG12X(TG12MX) Micro hematocrit Centrifuge

    Technical performance

    Microcomputer control, brushless DC motor, stable operation, low noise, high speed accuracy.
    Touch panel, programmable operation, operation data can be stored automatically.
    LED display, user-friendly interface, simple and convenient operation
    The real-time conversation of Speed and RCF is convenient for operation.
    It has self-locking device, over-speed safety device, and automatic alarm device, etc.

    Micro Hematocrit Centrifuge Specification

    Model TG12X(TG12MX)
    Max Speed 12000r/min
    Max RCF 13500xg
    Max Capacity 24 pieces of capillaries
    Speed Accuracy ± 30r/min
    Time Setting 1min~99min
    Noise <65dB(A)
    Power Supply AC110/220V 50Hz/60Hz 5A
    Dimension(LxWxH) 230mmx310mmx240mm
    Packing Size(LxWxH) 290mmx400mmx330mm
    Net Weight 9kg

    Microhematocrit centrifuge is an indispensable instrument in laboratory for spinning down small samples rapidly.

    Accessories Center
    Capacity: 12根毛細管
    Speed: 12000r/min
    Centrifugal force: 13500×g
    Capacity: 24根毛細管
    Speed: 12000r/min
    Centrifugal force: 13500×g
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