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    H1200R Floor-standing High-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

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    • brand:???LuXiangyi
    • model :???H1200R
    • Order Hotline :???+86-021-58116435
    Product introduction
    H1200R Floor-standing High-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

    Technical performance

    The max speed is 12000rpm, and the largest capacity is 2000mlx4.
    It has micro-computer control, electronic lock and AC variable-conversion motor which delivers high torque.
    Imported compressor unit with Non-CFC.refrigerant. It measures up to environmental standards.
    The machine is programmable. The operation data can be stored automatically.
    LCD orLED display and touching panel makes the operation easy.
    The real-time conversation of Speed and RCF is convenient for operation.
    It has self-locking device, over-speed safety device, over-temperature safety device, imbalance safety device and automatic alarm device.
    It has 10 files of acceleration and deceleration level for your choice.


    Model H1200R
    Max speed 12000r/min
    Max RCF 19830xg
    Max capacity 2000mlx4
    Speed accuracy ± 50r/min
    Time setting 1min~99h59min
    Temperature Setting -20 ~ +40 ℃
    Temperature Accuracy ±1 ℃
    Compressor Unit French Tecumseh Compressor Unit, R404a
    Noise <65dB(A)
    Power supply AC110/220V 50Hz/60Hz 30A
    Dimension(LxWxH) 710mmx840mmx1140mm
    Packing size(LxWxH) 890mmx960mmx1400mm
    Net weight 290kg

    Accessories Center
    Capacity: 100/85ml×8
    Speed: 12000r/min
    Centrifugal force: 19830×g
    適配器:10ml、20ml 可根據需求定制
    Capacity: 1000ml×6
    Speed: 7000r/min
    Centrifugal force: 11600×g
    適配器:100ml、250ml、300ml、500ml 根據需求定制
    Capacity: 2000ml×4
    Speed: 6000r/min
    Centrifugal force: 8410×g
    適配器:250ml、300ml、500ml、1000ml 根據需求定制
    Capacity: 500/400ml×6
    Speed: 8000r/min
    Centrifugal force: 11620×g
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