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    High speed microcentrifuge

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    Product introduction

    The High Speed Microcentrifuge is small and low noise. It is the first choice for small-scale centrifugal separation in hospitals, research institutes and universities.

    Main technical performance of High speed microcentrifuge

    1. Microcomputer control, DC brushless motor drive, stable operation, low noise and high speed precision.

    2, touch panel, programmable operation, host operating parameters can be set according to requirements and automatically stored.

    3, digital screen display, user-friendly interface, easy to operate.

    4, real-time rpm / RCF reading conversion and setting, convenient and fast.

    5, equipped with electronic door locks, with a variety of protection functions such as door cover self-locking, overspeed, etc.; automatic fault alarm function, safe and reliable.

    6. The High speed microcentrifuge adopts food grade silicone rubber integral sealing ring, which is in line with GMP certification. The centrifuge is certified by the US FDA.

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