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       Shanghai Lu Xiangyi centrifuge instrument Co., Ltd.

          Production base: Shanghai, Shanghai South Road, Lane 4390, No. 9

          Free service hotline: 4008210672

          Marketing department: +86-021-58116435

          Manager of marketing department: sam +86-18801858806

          After sales service: +86-021-68113426 +86-18930186435

          Logistics Department: +86-021-68072892

          Company fax: +86-021-51316027

          Zip code: 201318



          Www.lxylxj.com (headquarters Chinese station)

          www.25youxiao.icu (English station)

          Www.stxiangyilxj.com (Branch)


          lxy@shlxy.com (Headquarters)


      International Trade Department

          Person in charge: Chen Dingxiu Wan Lingyan

          Free service hotline: 4008210672

          Tel: +86-021-58116435

          Tel: +86-021-68113421 68113422 headquarters switching

          Office address: No. 4390, No. 9 South Road, Shanghai, Shanghai

      Bank Info

      Beneficiary: Shanghai Lu Xiangyi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd

      Name of bank: China Construction bank Nanhui branch

      Address of the bank: No.5, West Renmin Rd, Pudong, Shanghai

      Account Number: 3105 0181 3600 0000 1252

      Swift Number: PCBCCNBJSHX